Payback on Election Day

In states across the nation where early voting is taking place, voters are lining up…sometimes waiting for hours…for a chance to cast their ballots. T...View Details

Fool Me Once

Well, they just won’t stop with the dirty tricks, Trump and his buddy, Rudy Giuliani. They keep trying to tarnish Joe Biden in a desperate attempt to ...View Details

So the other night at a rally in Georgia, packed with red MAGA hatted supporters, President Trump joked that if he loses to Joe Biden he might have to...View Details

We know that a Blue Tsunami is coming, and Susan Hutchinson of Not Fake News says it will be Donald Trump’s Ordeal by Water.

Take a listen to Susie...View Details

In this episode, we’re going to talk about who is really trying to pack the Supreme Court. It’s a raging debate that has serious political and societ...View Details

Everybody knows that a fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head at the VP presidential debate and pretty much became the star of the show.

Bu...View Details

Stacy Fitzgerald, of Not Fake News, believes it’s high time that America elects a female president, and that electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is ...View Details

Tonight, Donald Trump stepped off the presidential helicopter, Marine 1, after having been flown from Walter Reed Medical Center back to the White Ho...View Details

Tragically, Donald Trump and the first lady have contracted Covid-19, and the president has been taken to Walter Reed National Medical Center for tre...View Details

The Trump Horror Show

Anybody who watched that horrendous performance by Donald Trump in the presidential debate last night must have been horrified at the brazen bullying ...View Details

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