Millions of Americans are stuck. They’ve got rent to pay. Mortgages to pay. And they have no money coming in because the coronavirus pandemic has cost...View Details

We all know that Donald Trump will stop at nothing to preserve his presidency. How many times has he floated that idea that he should be given a third...View Details

I promised you guys some satire. Check this one out. It was like a hanging slider in the middle of the plate just waiting to be whacked.   It comes fr...View Details

Today the egomaniac who is masquerading as president of the United States whined that an elderly epidemiologist who is the nation’s top infectious dis...View Details

In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss President Trump’s apparent strategy of attempting to scare the American people into voting for him November...View Details

We’re going to cover a couple of topics in this episode…first my thoughts about the fact that finally some Republicans appear to be abandoning Donald ...View Details

Chief Harold “Buster” Hatcher of the Waccamaw Indian People in South Carolina is waging a persistent war to gain recognition for his people, saying th...View Details

A Fitting Tribute

America lost a true fighter for civil rights when Rep. John L. Lewis, the Georgia Democrat, succumbed to his long battle with cancer.   Lewis spent hi...View Details

I’ve got another two-fer for you tonight…right. A real BOGO from NFN radio news! First up is commentary written by Chris Waldron for Not Fake Details

It doesn’t matter that nearly 135,000 Americans have died from covid 19 and that the caseload and death count continues to rise, Donald Trump and his ...View Details

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